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ohnesans said: Congratulations! Fascinating to find posts grouped by theme and yet from different periods and different origins - posed erotica alongside pictures of real life. Rendering the modern colour photographs into black and white actually reinforces the theme. Not sure I like the photoshopped images but a minor point. A question which might help some of us: how do you organise pics on your computer so you can call them up by theme and not repeat then in your posts? Do you use tags?

I have nothing to do with these photos other than the fact that I’ve collected them.  If the originals were color, I have no knowledge of that.  I they’ve been photoshopped, then I owe you - and everyone else - an apology.  I don’t have experience with photoshop, and wouldn’t know how to alter pictures.  I guess that makes me gullible.  I don’t use tags - again, more ignorance.  I group them in folders by theme (bodybuilders, gym workouts, campouts, etc.).  When posting, I’ll pull several photos from one folder (say “Volleyball”) and try to find ten (the max they’ll let me upload) that seem to go with each other.  Not very complicated - I’m just not too sophisticated when it comes to this kind of computer work.

Anonymous said: OH, welcome back!!!. You have been sorely missed my friend!

Thanks - my grandfather is sick, so I”m in and out of town - but not gone.